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Mold Assessment Consultant Training

The mold assessment consultant is trained to perform all activities of a mold technician and also:

  • Plans surveys to identify conditions favorable for indoor mold growth or to determine the presence, extent, amount, or identity of mold or suspected mold in a building;
  • Determines locations to record observations, take measurements, or collect samples;
  • Prepares a mold assessment report, including the observations made, measurements taken, and locations and analysis results of samples;
  • Develops a mold management plan, including recommendations for periodic surveillance, response actions, and prevention and control of mold growth;
  • Prepares a mold remediation protocol, including the evaluation and selection of appropriate methods, personal protective equipment, engineering controls, project layout, post-remediation clearance evaluation methods and criteria, and preparation of plans and specifications;
  • Evaluates a mold remediation project to determine if the mold contamination identified for the remediation project has been remediated as outlined in the mold remediation protocol, and with reasonable certainty the mold will not return from the remediated cause.

Target Audience; Real estate agents, home inspectors, mold remediation companies, mold investigators, Indoor Air Quality firms, and HVAC firms doing business in Texas

To discuss a customized class, please contact our training department at 1-800-460-1736.  Our instructors are available to conduct classes at your facility.