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Hurricane Harvey

Envirotest stands ready to serve!
Mold & Water Testing, Asbestos Services and
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Disaster Recovery Plan

Following a disaster, there is a series of steps and actions that you should initiate as soon as possible:

Investigate – Document – Plan – Deliver

Envirotest has 30 years of experience helping our clients manage remediation services related to water intrusion and water damage in response to storms. Our staff stands ready to assist our customers with the identification, oversight, management, monitoring, and completion of all water damage remediation activities. Our disaster response team will respond 24/7 to provide all required services from immediate water removal/drying through the entire remediation process to ensure your facility is back online as soon as possible.

Envirotest’s licensed staff offers water damage assessments, moisture mapping, bacteria testing, mold inspections and sampling, asbestos inspections and sampling, remediation specifications, indoor air quality testing, mold and asbestos remediation clearance testing, photo documentation, and project completion documentation.

Following initial assessment, our management services include scope of work specifications, selection of proper remediation techniques, selection of remediation contractors, cost estimations, contract reviews, evaluation of work methods, remediation progress reports, project documentation, notifications for mold and asbestos remediation, air and water testing, waste disposal tracking, and project completion documentation.

Envirotest can help guide you through these steps and provide oversight as you manage your own recovery.
To learn more, see our services page or give us a call 1-800-460-1736.


Asbestos in Private Homes

A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos was widely used in a variety of building components through the late 1970s.  During that decade, undeniable evidence proved that inhaling small asbestos fibers could lead to a variety of health issues, including a rare form of cancer called mesothelioma and asbestosis, a chronic and progressive disease of the lungs that causes severe pulmonary ailments.  Asbestos exposure is also known to cause lung and gastrointestinal cancer as well.

Once the dangers of asbestos were proven, it was removed from many building materials—but not before it was fitted in nearly every home built before 1978 (asbestos was still used in construction after this date, just in smaller quantities).  Generally, asbestos does not cause health problems unless its fibers are released into the air; so many homes built before the ’80s still contain asbestos.

The Texas DSHS carries out most functions mandated by the federal government and legislation such as the NESHAP that provides for proper removal and disposal of restricted asbestos containing materials.  The DSHS will collect notification of asbestos abatement projects and ensure that any work that is ongoing adheres to Texas asbestos abatement procedure.  Asbestos workers, contractors, inspectors and associated professionals will be certified through courses accredited by the DSHS.



  • Envirotest Management shall work with adjuster and insured to secure the site and/or location
  • Establish public relation communication plan
  • Assign Project Manager to manage site/location and serve as point of contact for adjuster/insured
  • Access and assess the site and/or location
  • Identify immediate environmental and/or safety hazards
  • Prioritize the immediate hazards
  • Brief adjuster and insured
  • Decision meeting for immediate hazards
  • Obtain emergency permits and/or regulatory permissions
  • Perform necessary immediate hazard mitigation
  • Re-assess structure and surroundings
  • Determine and design site/location salvage, clean-up, and/or demo plans
  • Coordinate pre-approved contractors for site/location plans
  • Complete approved plans
  • Turn site/location over to insured


Envirotest has established relationships with pre-approved contractors/suppliers/vendors

  • Environmental Remediation Contractors
  • Hazardous Material Contractors
  • Debris Removal
  • Waste Transporters
  • Waste Specialist
  • Landfills
  • Demolition Contractors
  • Man-Power Companies
  • Restoration Contractors


  • Qualified and certified personnel to collect samples
  • Direct read analytical equipment
  • Waste characterization specialist
  • Accredited laboratories


  • Assign a Project Manager to the Site/Location
  • Establish a Command Center (generally mobile)
  • Determine PR responsibilities and assign accordingly
  • Staff per situation (environmental, safety, construction site supervisors)
  • Assign contracting coordinator (to track and monitor all contracts and cost)
  • Establish schedule, time lines, and deliverables
  • Project Controls for tracking all data generated by project/event
  • Establish shared cloud dashboards for live monitoring and tracking between site management and adjuster
  • Project completion report at conclusion


Record Recovery

For our Commercial and Industrial clients, you are required to have your asbestos record available prior to any remediation or recovery work beginning.

Please contact your local representative or contact our main office at 1-800-460-1736


Ethics and History Matter

With most harmful events, we see our neighbors and friends rush in to help just as we would if our neighbors needed us. Unfortunately we also see others who work very hard to take advantage of bad situations and traumatized individuals. Envirotest is working very hard to support our neighbors and our clients and we are always on the lookout for those who are not wanting to help.

Ethically – Envirotest has maintained its normal work approach even under extreme circumstances. We have not introduced any special pricing or delivery of our services. We are here to serve our community and our clients.

Historically – We have been a part of our business community for more than thirty years. We are not a company who will be in and out taking advantage of a devastating situation in our area. We will always promote “Texas First.”

If you suspect individuals or a company is not acting ethically, please contact the Texas Attorney Generals office to report suspicious behavior.


For more information contact us at 1-800-460-1736 or email us info@envirotestltd.com